Orpheus AntPool is a Cardano staking pool focusing on security, diversity and sustainability.
Your delegation (or if you prefer a donation) is kindly appreciated.

Pool Ticker: ORPH
Pool ID: f9affe54e803f4fd6e5ab29fbbd34211df5127d3e8cccdac950b63b4
Delegation documentation: https://cardano.org/stake-pool-delegation


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Greetings and thank you for considering this pool! We hope you will join our journey of building a community that supports the Cardano ecosystem through increased security, diversity and sustainability. Please take a few moments to allow us to argue why you should delegate with us.


Holding your ADA coins in your own wallet gives you direct ownership. This is a step in the right direction. But what about delegating? Is it safe to do so, especially when considering smaller pool operators (like this one)? Absolutely! Unlike other blockchains, your coins never leave your wallet, nor are they locked for the duration of the delegation. Regardless of the behavior of the pool, you will never get penalized for your choice. You can freely transfer, spend and change the delegation at any time. Your delegation simply means you entrust us with your voting power, which raises our chance to mint new blocks and earn rewards that we share with you. In other words, you can give us a chance to earn your trust totally risk-free. In turn, we use reliable hardware and secure links based on VPN port forwarding to secure your rewards by delivering a high service uptime and anonymized, encrypted network traffic with minimal attack exposure.


By supporting small pool operators, you encourage a more diverse and transparent network. Saturated pools are tempting due to a constant flow of rewards. Smaller pools do not perform worse on the average though: while they have a smaller chance to mint new blocks, when they do, you will receive a larger share of the rewards. Thus, you earn more less frequently. But why would you even consider this less steadier alternative? For starters, it avoids concentrating the voting power in the hands of few big players, which makes the network (and therefore your assets) more secure. Furthermore, saturated pools are often owned by large corporations that resort to questionable practices like sharing only a small part of the rewards with their clients. Sometimes the clients are not even aware their assets are used to earn rewards. Even if this does not apply to you, your choice may prevent unethical players from taking advantage of others.


But there are many small pool operators out there. Why this one? For starters, your humble host has 10+ years experience in software engineering and Linux server administration. He is committed to continously deliver a high quality of service and to give back to the Cardano community by contributing to the open-source ecosystem (visit us on GitHub). Second, this pool is hosted on embedded systems that have a minimal energy footprint, which not only saves the environment and prevents climate change, but also keeps the operating costs low. In turn, this translates to more rewards for you: our fixed cost will always stay at a minimum level and our fees will always be 1%. This pool can afford it in the long run. Finally, we would like to see less inequity in the world: 10% of the income will be donated to causes that support education and healthcare, which we believe are the primary sources of inequity.